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Metadata 20/20 was conceived in late 2017 with the goal of rallying and supporting the community around the critical issue of openly sharing richer metadata for research communications. It’s mission? To advocate for richer, connected and reusable open metadata for all outputs because:

  • Richer metadata fuels discoverability and innovation
  • Connected metadata bridges the gaps between systems and communities
  • Reusable metadata eliminates duplication of effort

Participants in Metadata 20/20’s collaborative work recognized that when we settle for inadequate metadata, none of these results are possible, and everyone using research outputs will suffer as a consequence.

Most people wouldn't think: 'Well if we can fix this metadata we can find a cure for a terrible illness.' If we can find a way to connect those dots [through more discoverable reasearch], that would be huge. Nobody is asking: 'What is the cost to society?'

The Work

The work of Metadata 20/20 followed several distinct phases from its founding until late 2020, the prescribed target timeframe for assessing that we have achieved. Select each of the phases to read a summary of the work they included.

The People

The most important outcome of the work of Metadata 20/20 was the development and nurturing of a broad community of practitioners, supporters, and users of metadata. These individuals defined the work of the initiative and gave it its energy, passion, and momentum. Without this large, dedicated group, there would be nothing to share today. It is our dream that this group will continue the work that they have started, to establish action and reinforce commitment to rich metadata ideals.

See the list of individuals that made the Metadata 20/20 work possible.